Acreditación de Bronce al transporte sostenible

Congratulations! We are very happy to confirm that our school application this year for STARS Bronze Accreditation has been approved!

STARS – Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe – is an accreditation scheme for schools, nurseries and colleges to inspire young Londoners to travel sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely.

In doing this, STARS empowers pupils and improves the safety and wellbeing of the whole community. It also encourages active travel behaviour and improves the environment around the school.

Almost 1,500 schools, nurseries and colleges in London are STARS accredited.

Participation in STARS can benefit the whole school community:

Children are healthier; pupils are more energetic and better prepared to participate throughout the school day
Improved attendance and academic success
Fewer cars, less congestion and improved air quality around the school
Equipping young people with valuable life skills to travel actively, responsibly and safely
Recognition within the school, the local community and across London for travel related achievements

Well done and thank you all for your continued efforts with our travel plan, it really does make a difference to the school, borough and city, and our hard work is very much appreciated.

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